Fake News

We started a new series Sunday called “NextGen.” We are one sermon into it and this series is already making a difference. I can’t wait to see how it will culminate. But, I’ve got a homework question for you:  

Who do you have:  

  • Below you?
  • Alongside of you?
  • Above you? 

Are you purposefully striving to develop yourself and others? 

These matters are so very important. 


And this Sunday, we talk about qualities of character. Character matters. You can’t fake character. Yet we live in a world with a lot of “fakes.” Fake news, fake online personas, and spin doctors seem to have way too much influence on our society. So how does God define character? What attributes does God look for us to develop? This message cuts through the smoke and mirrors of the world’s system and talks about God’s design for life, character, and leadership. 

Character connected to life and leadership matters very much. 

I also want to ask you to pray for our elders. We’re getting down to the nitty gritty before we begin moving the dirt connected to the building process. We’ve hit some cost projections and expenses that are both anticipated and unanticipated and the leadership will be praying through some decisions. Our elders meet this Monday night.  

I want to encourage you to invite friends and people you know to church. We had a “Connect Event” on Tuesday night and met several families who had been invited by current members. Keep it up! That’s so encouraging.  

Several great things happening: 

  • This Sunday night is a family event. Here’s what the ForHim children’s ministry page says about this event: We hope you can join us for our first in a series of stand alone nights of Activate 2017! Think #SundayFunDay fun with Activate energy. Meal provided at 5, festivities begin at 6!
  • Camp for students begins next week. People continue signing their kids up. I think we’re at around 100 campers this year - which is excellent. It’s a great time for your kids to form and grow deeper in friendships as well as learning the Bible and growing deeper in love with Jesus.  

Looking forward to an incredible day of worship this Sunday!