Dancing in the Streets

Globally, it’s been a very hard fall: 

• Multiple hurricanes creating great levels of destruction

• Bad earthquakes in Mexico

• North Korea going nuclear

• Unrest on college campuses 

Lately, it seems like it’s a bad news kind of world. 

These types of events are difficult to see happening and unfolding. These types of events are the very types of “labor pains” that Jesus said must happen within this world before his return. 

But there’s good news. In fact, it’s great news. This good news is that Jesus saves. The good news is “Jesus saves.” 

When we see this type of news, our souls cringe, and we are uncomfortable. Deep within us, those moments tell us “this life is temporary, and I don’t have control.” This world is not the eternal home of the human soul.

I’m hoping that somehow this email lands in someone’s inbox that doesn’t go to any church. They think “religion” is useless and a farce. They may be living a very very full and satisfying life. 

But at the core, something is missing, and something isn’t right. Deep down they know it. More money doesn’t make them feel any safer. More people telling them they are “great” doesn’t build them up in their soul. 

They are in need of a relationship with Jesus. 

That simple message of “Jesus saves” changes us. The promise of heaven inspires us. The joy of a personal relationship with Jesus gives us assurance. 

This Sunday we continue our “Magnetic” series looking at “Inspiration” from 1 Thessalonians 3. This would be a great Sunday to invite friends to attend. 

And speaking of Magnetic, as a ministry, and as individuals we are truly drawing people towards Christ. Let’s keep lifting him up in our lives.

Charlie 2.jpg

Now I’ve got some hard, yet great news:

Our dear friend Charlie Gehlauf went to be with the Lord this week. Charlie sure loved Forum and everyone in it. We’re going to miss his laugh, his mischief, and his presence. I’m sure that in his new body he’s dancing in the streets of heaven right now. God is good. 

Looking forward to sharing this message of change, hope, and transformation with everyone this Sunday. See you then.